Journey to revolutionize an industry.

Some companies grow by improving what everyone else does. Other companies grow by doing more of what everyone else does. Apex grows by doing what no one else does. Reaching out to customers in fresh ways. Championing top-of-the-line windows. Embracing new technology. Offering environmentally friendly products. Educating rather than selling. Putting an emphasis on installation. And never settling for today’s solution when tomorrow’s will be better.

For Apex, growth isn’t a strategy; it’s a by-product of pushing for something better. Does that work? You only need to look at the map to see that it does.

By the Numbers


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A local company with a national reach.

Indianapolis, IN
Minneapolis, MN
St. Paul, MN
Charlotte, NC
Denver, CO
Kansas City, MO
Ft. Wayne, IN
Washington, DC
Richmond, VA
Nashville, TN
Pittsburgh, PA
Atlanta, GA
Chicago, IL
Houston, TX
Salt Lake City, UT
Milwaukee, WI
Tampa, FL

Forming better partnerships for a better way